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“My purpose in life is clear: to lead in all areas of my life, to live life to the fullest, and to assist and coach others in unlocking their full potential.”

In addition to coaching and facilitating personal and organizational development, he has also developed a considerable reputation as a powerful motivational speaker working with professionals, companies and athletes.

He is as happy with a group of 3 or 4 people as he is on stage with 3 or 4 thousand delivering his electrifying presentations. He is very driven and goal-oriented and consequently has a very busy life as an ultra marathon runner, photographer, author, speaker and multi-sport athlete!

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He has coached at all levels in companies ranging from small and medium sized enterprises right up to major fortune 500 companies. His experience has also taken him from working with front line supervisors to the most experienced CEO’s in over 10 countries. 

His clients include but are not limited to: Bank of America, BP, Philips, BG, Fujitsu, BHP Billiton, Fedex, Maersk, Digicel, and Columbus Communications.


Motivational, electrifying, positive, vibrant, and exciting are words used to describe Nigel’s style and presentations.

Whether you need a punchy 30 minute keynote, an hour of positive reinforcement or a whole day seminar, he will ensure that both the content and style will keep the audience totally engaged.

What client’s are saying…

With Nigel’s unique coaching approach you quickly realize you know, and have, what it takes to succeed. While his style is vibrant and confident; it’s not about him. His focus is always directed at you, about you and what you can do!

— Mervyn Eyre – CEO – Fujitsu Caribbean

Nigel is an inspirational coach and a riveting facilitator. Having worked with him both in a one-on-one coaching scenario and with facilitating large groups, I would not hesitate to recommend him.

— Marcus Basanta – Director-1.618 Ratio Consulting


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