Ask Leadership

The ultimate coaching handbook for leaders at all levels (Release 2)

One of the major roles of a leader is to be a coach and the best coaches make the best leader! So, how do you get to be the best coach, unlock the potential of this around you and multiply your success?

Simple- learn, understand, practice and apply the principles of Ask Leadership!

Live Life Now – Rethink 1440

A life-changing guide to making the most of the 1440 minutes given to each of us EVERY DAY! Whether rich or poor, the number of minutes given to each person occupying planet earth does not change! The magic in making the best of each day is laid out step by step in each chapter complete with action exercises to reinforce each idea as well as create your own success plan.

Nigel doesn’t just write from theory, he is a master practitioner of all that you will read about and has the experience and results to prove it. This is not about theory!

Read, understand and take action and this book will positively change your life!